Our Offer

We sell mobile phones that are previously tested and graded by our qualified staff. After that, we are able to offer you stock that will meet your expectations. We test every used phone we sell.

We check every handset for the following functions:

-power on/off
-display (must be clean, no bad pixels)
-speaker and loudspeaker
-one call

Thas’s why we are able to offer you 2 kinds of stock:

-full tested used mobile phones (passed well all tests)
-power on tested used mobile phones (all mobile phones passed power on/off and display test).

With following grades available:

Grade A
Condition just like new. No sings of use.

Grade B
Used mobile phones wear minor scratches, but not too much. Phones still looks good and do not have any major scratch.

Grade C
Used mobile phones with signs of heavy use, but still with complete housings and buttons.

Grade D
Used mobile phones with damaged housing in various ways: lack of button, cracked front or back panel. Missing back cover and battery possible. This kind of stock is cheaper and good one for refurbishing.